While she was embracing her spring

by Nikita Kapernaumov

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both albums , and also that perverted epic doom bathory-worship i recorded in 2010, are downloadable in mp3 at the links on my youtube channel.


released September 19, 2019


all rights reserved



Nikita Kapernaumov Saint Petersburg, Russia

folk epic SEX MANIAC doom / heavy metal

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Track Name: Sad is he
sad is he that does a lassie loo and is turned doun
nights tae him rest they dae never bring, but teems o tears
tis only whan day’s breaking does his grief gie him oe’r tae sleep for a while

maun it be for tae gie up a cause whan ane’s rebuffed?
the sun burn oot shall sooner than I forgae my luve of that she I hae chosen
Track Name: Waning bloom
ance I was a wee bonnie barnie
and lassies, then women, were kind untae me
noo I'm a grown man and o sweat I dae stink
naebodie'd mak nae mane for me
e'en gin I were for tae die

had I kent then oh it's for mony a year
in the cauld clay I had noo lain low

the storms o winter shall grow weary
and the warm breeze frae the south return
and the fells that nou are sae dreary
wi flowerie meadows shall anew be adorned
but those youthful anticipations
for tae hearten me up will return nae mair.
crippled sair by love deprivation,
by age I’m being finished off without ony spare

nought dae I care for the morn
my days of yore I fain wad relive
curst be the day I was born
I'd rather hae nae lived ava

oot frae my hole in the evening a worm I creeps
something tae feed tae my body tae get
wild o'er my lane path the winter its blizzards sweeps
my tears and snot freeze the moment they're shed
I canna help fancying my love's sneering een on me
as I weep o'er my waning bloom

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